Miradas al viento,
La Bella Airosa

The rescue of cultural manifestations that contribute to returning the root that subjects and gives life to man as a social being will be important as it brings the public closer to the mirror of their own past, where they can recognize and identify themselves, in order to initiate the necessary protection of the cultural legacy.

A city is not only a conglomeration of houses, neighborhoods and streets as the infrastructure that supports and gives life to the place, it is a web of social, economic, political and cultural relations, underlying every urban manifestation, on every corner, in each square. Miradas del Viento, is a walk through Pachuca, mining center, Capital of the State of Hidalgo, city of History and culture, of work and progress, of change and movement. Miradas al Viento is a trip to know Pachuca, the talent of its people; it is a journey through the past and the present of a multifaceted city.

“Viento la Bella Airosa.
Reloj tiempo Porfiriano.
Revolución y Juárez
abogacía de las ideas.
San Francisco iglesia de lluvia y roca.
Efrén Rebolledo,
María Luisa Ross Landa”.
Tere Bahena

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