Virtual Museum of Pachuca
Art • History • Identity

Ayuntamiento de Pachuca de Soto

Virtual Museum of Pachuca
Arte • Historia • Identidad

Ayuntamiento de Pachuca de Soto
Instituto Municipal para la Cultura de Pachuca

Ruta Arqueológica Minera

Disfruta del nuevo recorrido que tiene Pachuca para ti, en esta sección podrás encontrar un mapa interactivo y una galería de fotos.

Permanent Exhibition

We invite you to visit Pachuca with the permanent exhibition "Miradas al viento" is a trip through the City of Pachuca, the talent, its people; It is a trip through the past and the present of a multifaceted city.


This space has visual exhibitions of photography, painting, collage, digital illustration among other techniques of emerging local, national and international artists.


Interactúa y diviértete con las diversas historietas de arte y enseñanza, imprime y arma con tus amigos los diferentes Paper Toys sobre personajes de la historia del arte. 

Learn more

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Pachuca, we share various articles of important events that arose in this municipality, as well as infographics with current topics of interest.

Another perspective from Pachuca

Get to know one of the new projects of MUVIPA, with which you will be able to observe different facets of Pachuca with old and current images, as well as monuments and emblematic places in 360º and a gallery of unpublished images.

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